Children wardrobe - teaching children their independence

Children have all kinds of necessities and dressing up is just one of them. For a newborn, parents do all the work for them - pick up the clothes, put them on, store clothes in the closet but it is important to understand that there is the moment when children can do all these things for themselves. 

When children has grown enough to stand on their feet they want to acknowledge the world and do a lot of things on their own. This is the best time to let them in order to teach them how to take care of themselves independently. And the one  thing that can help the most is Montessori children wardrobe. These clothing racks are made in a special way for the children to be able to reach everything on their own. The design of the wardrobe supports the improvement of many core skills children need:

  • Independency - teaching practical life skills by choosing their clothing
  • Problem-solving skills - by thinking how to put on the clothes, in what order and technique
  • Order - the child can start to understand that every piece of clothe has its own place in the wardrobe and it is essential to put it there for easier access next time
  • Child's¬†sense of self - it can make the children to feel so remarkable in just doing some daily chores and doing them on their own. Evolving their independence and self care.¬†

And the  wardrobe  of course is a great interior item, it looks stylish in the kids room, making it look fashionable. And it leaves space in the room for other things. And as this is an open style wardrobe parents always will have a look in the closet to know if the little owner is taking care of the order and organization in the clothing rack. It can serve as an interesting play tool for kids as well, to have some dress up parties or other activities. 

EWART WOODS is making very beautiful children Montessori wardrobes with clothing racks included. The product is made from wood, ecofriendly and high quality. Will be a perfect addition to your child's room and a great tool in learning independence and self-care. 

children wardrobe


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