Make your own bedside lamp (short tutorial)

In our newest blog, we delve into the artistic creation of our wood desk lamp ECLIPSE, captured through the enchanting lens of stop motion. This unique video provides an inside look at the lamp's transformation from raw materials into a stunning room decor piece. Perfect as a night light or bedside lamp, the video highlights the intricate steps involved in crafting this bedroom accessory. With its gentle glow, it's an ideal sunset lamp, adding warmth to any bedroom decor or living room space. Whether placed on a bedside table, side table, or office desk, this lamp enhances the room decor aesthetic. The post explores how this lamp, akin to popular salt lamps or moon lamps, adds a unique touch to home decor, fitting perfectly alongside other bedroom accessories like candle warmer lamps or LED lamps. Join us to discover this mesmerizing journey of creating a beautiful and functional piece of art.


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