What is the difference between wood finishing methods?

Wood products can be finished in different ways to achieve different looks. It is very important to determine which finishing method for each product is the most suitable one.  How to determine that? Firstly, it is important to determine for what kind of purpose the product will be used. It is important that the finishing method suits for the purpose to make wood look beautiful and to protect it from damage in each case. And it is important to not forget that each method has its own benefits and characteristics. 

Here we have counted some of the most popular finishing methods which are used with our products as well: 

  1. Staining is a popular wood finishing method that helps to add some color to the wood. Stain is absorbed into the wood filling each pore. This is a common wood painting method to keep the wood fiber visible maintaining its natural look. Also, it is possible to stain the wood in different colors. But it is important to keep in mind that the staining process can be quite difficult because the outcome can be unpredictable in comparison with painting. And another disadvantage to this finishing method, it does not keep the wood protected from scratches and humidity. We have used staining method for the sofa arm trays and magnetic key holders and have varnished them as well to keep them from scratches. 


    sofa arm tray on sofa arm cup onto the tray
  2. Varnish is a great finishing method to keep the wood protected from damage like scratches, UV light, moisture, and heat keeping the wood in its natural color. Its clear and glossy finish shows the true wood fiber complementing the smooth look. This is a very good finishing method for outdoor wooden items. However, the application of varnish can be tricky as it may need multiple coats. EWART WOODS use varnishing method on almost every product in our shop, like toilet paper holders, floating wall shelves, table organizers etc. 


wooden toilet paper holder attached to wall
floating wall shelf with decor

3. Lacquer is a very handy finishing method as due to drying very fast. It has this clear and glossy finish that provides a durable and protective coating for the wood. Lacquer is resistant to scratches and other types of damage. It makes this finishing method very convenient for highly used places. 

4.Shellac is made from resin which has been secreted by the lac bug. This finishing method is versatile and quite popular for wooden furniture. Can be applied in multiple layers. But this finish needs a frequent restoration. 

5.Oil application is a natural finish that penetrates into the wood and enhances its natural beauty. It provides a warm, natural look that is highly desired for many types of woodworking projects. Oil finishes are easy to apply and require little preparation, making them a great option for beginners. However, oil finishes are not as durable as other finishes and may require frequent reapplication. 

In conclusion, there are many different wood finishing methods to choose from, each with its own unique characteristics and benefits. In EWART WOODS we choose the best for each product to maintain its durability required for the intended use of the item, as well as the desired look and ease of application. No matter which method is used we are keeping all of the beautiful aspects of wood to be seen. 

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