Magnetic Key Holder Instruction


floating wall shelf walnut on the wall


EWART Woods is a modern company producing furniture and innovative interior items. Our goal is to make simple furniture look like an artwork! And we love sharing our art with the world. We design new ideas every day to offer our customers the greatest variety of products to enrich their homes!
You are more than welcome to follow our journey our social media and be inspired by our designs!
People here at EWART WOODS share the same passion and love for woodworking, our aim is not to continue in the footsteps of our ancestors but to reimagine what this natural compound can become. It is our belief that this beautiful and aesthetically enchanting material can be used to create far more interesting products that would reliably serve our customers in carrying out most various tasks.
In addition to this EWART WOODS works closely with its customers offering personalized products. As our customers are the top priority for us and we always try to make all their wishes in the best way possible. Incorporating logos or other unique symbols or drawings can be done easily, we gladly will assist you.